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AKC Canine Good Citizen Course & Test

Want to improve your dog’s basic training? Does your pup have unpleasant leash skills? Can’t get out the door without him dragging you? Paws Inn Play has Group Classes, Private Lessons, and Play & Train Packages to fit your training needs!

Basic Obedience
Group Class

For dogs 4 months and older 

A basic manners course for dogs with little to no previous training.
This course will cover a variety of basic commands, relationship building, impulse control, solving common problem behaviors. Develop and fine tune your dog’s basic manners and responsiveness to commands while bonding and forming clear lines of communication. Material includes, but is not limited to; sit, down, stay, come, leave it, leash walking & friendly greetings.

Play & Train

Don’t have time to attend Group Obedience Classes? Sign your pup up for a Play & Train! Play & Train packages are customized to fit you and your dog’s needs! Whether your dog is just starting out with the training basics, or he needs to sharpen his manners, we can help! 

Your dog will receive one-on-one training sessions with our Certified Dog Trainer AND enjoy the rest of their day at Paws Inn Play in Doggy Daycare!
Training will take place mid-day and your dog will return to Daycare when done! Each session will be reviewed with owner at pickup and homework will be assigned; including personalized written material and videos of your dog’s training session.
The following list includes, but is not limited to, commands and behaviors that can be worked on effectively through the Play & Train program. Please do not hesitate to inquire on training items not listed; Basic Commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place/Bed, etc. Solving Common Problem Behaviors such as Door Manners, No Jumping, Friendly Greetings, Impulse Control, Confidence Building, Trick Training, Heeling & Leash Walking Skills, Off-Leash Skills, E-Collar Training and more!

Private Lessons

Flexible scheduling with weeknight, weekday, and weekend options!

Private lessons offer fully customized training plans and the opportunity to work one-on-one with your dog and the trainer!

All lessons are 1 hour long, unless otherwise requested. Choose where you’d like to have your lesson: Paws Inn Play facility, at your home, or in a public location!

AKC Canine Good Citizen
Group Course & Testing

For dogs who have completed the Intermediate Obedience course OR have had previous training

Intermediate level preparation course includes review of all 10 test items, and Canine Good Citizen testing on site with our AKC Certified Evaluators! The Canine Good Citizen program not only focuses on the manners and skills of the dog, but on the ability of the owner to teach skills and encourage good manners from their dog. It also helps dog owners understand and promote responsible dog ownership. Dogs that are CGC certified by the AKC are tried and tested well-behaved and reliable assets to their families and communities. Dog and owner team must complete a series of 10 test items in order to gain AKC CGC certification.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE. As of 2/26/2020 we will be closing the facility. Therefore, we are no longer taking new dog evaluations or boarding requests. Thank you!

Meet our trainer!

Lindsay joined the PIP family in June 2018 as one of our kennel and daycare workers. After working with the pups for a few months, she decided to go back to school to become a dog trainer. Lindsay wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs that needed it and help strengthen the bond between the dogs and owners. Previously Lindsay worked in an office setting, received her bachelor’s degree in business, and is now certified by Animal Behavioral College for dog training, and dog and cat CPR and pet safety. You can find Lindsay out in the play yard or in PIPs training programs.